In this tutorial, We are going to learn how to create a simple Hello World Node Js Application. We already have a basic information of Node.JS from our previous session. In this session, we will see how can we create a simple Hello World Node.JS Application.


Before getting started with Hello World Node.Js application we need to know about few major component related to a basic Node.JS application.

1- require directive – require directive is used to include required Node.JS module.

2-Create Server – The next thing we need to do is to create a server that will listen to the incoming request from the client.

3-Process Request and Returned Response – After the server is created in the previous step, this server is used to process incoming request from the server and returned the response.

Creating Hello World Node.JS Application:

Step 1- Create a folder in your System Drive with the Name NodeJSDemo (or any name you want).

Step 2- Create a JavaScript file called HelloWorld.js in NodeJSDemo directory. Write the file code in HelloWorld.js file.

Step 3- Open Node.JS command prompt.

Step 4- Navigate to the directory location and start the server using the below command.

Hello World Node.JS

Where HelloWorld.js is your file name.

Step 5- Now open your browser and hit the following URL.

You will get a response something like that.

Hello World Node.js

This is the output what we have returned from Create Server.

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Hope this tutorial will help you in learning Node.Js as a beginner. I will be happy to receive your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Thank You.