Hi folks, here we will see What is Process Builder in Salesforce and how to create Process Builder in Salesforce?  Process builder is a point and click workflow tool that automates your business process. It has a simple interface that allows you to select the object and field while setting up immediate or time-based actions.

After completing this tutorial you will be able to understand:

  • What is Process Builder in Salesforce?
  • What are the components of Salesforce?
  • Action Type for Process Builder.

What you’ll do?

  • Create a simple Process Builder that will create a child record on Case object when a High Priority Case is created.

What is Process Builder?

Process builder is a point and click workflow tool that automate your business process. It has a simple interface that allows you to select the object and field while setting up immediate or time-based actions. The main benefit of using process builder is it provides a graphical user interface to automate your business process. The process builder allows you to do what you can not do with workflow.

Components of a Process:

Every process consists of following components:
  • A Trigger.
  • At least one criteria node.
  • At least one action.
You can configure immediate actions or schedule actions to be executed at specific time.


Trigger determines when and for which object the process should run. A Trigger also identifies for which of the changes the process should run.
  1. Only when the record is created.
  2. Anytime a record is created or edited.

Criteria Node:

Criteria node determines whether the process should execute associated action or not. if the record does not meet the criteria the process skips those actions and move on to the next criteria. A process can have multiple criteria node.
There are following criteria available for executing actions.
  1. Conditions are met
  2. Formula evaluates to true
  3. No criteria—just execute the actions!


When a criteria nodes executes to true, the process executes the associated actions (immediate action) or waits to executes them at a scheduled time (Scheduled Action).
Action Type available in Salesforce:
  1. Apex.
  2. Create a Record.
  3. Email Alert.
  4. Post to Chatter.
  5. Submit for approval.
  6. Update records.
  7. Quick actions.
  8. Process.



Let’s create a simple Process that will Create a Child Record on Case object when a High Priority Case is created.

Step 1- Goto setup and find Process Builder.

Step 2- Click on the New Button. A popup will appear.

Process Builder

Fill the details and Click on the Save button. The following screen will appear.

Process Builder

Step 2- Click on the Add Object and add Case object as shown in the below image.

Process Builder

Click on the Save button.

Step 3- Now its time to Add Criteria.Process Builder

Set the condition as shown in the above image and click on the Save button.

Step 4- Create an action for the process builder called Create Child Case. Set the value for the field.

Process Builder

Now Activate the process builder and Test by creating a Case Record with High Priority.

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I hope you understand this tutorial. Please don’t hesitate to comment for any technical help. Your feedback and suggestions are important to me.

Thank You.