Hi folks, Here we will see how to create a simple Tabular Report in Salesforce. This is the most simple type of Report format that displays data similar to a spreadsheet. The Tabular report simply consists of fields as consists of fields as columns, with each matching record list in a row.

How to Create Tabular Report in Salesforce?

Tabular reports are used to display data as similar to a spreadsheet. As this report is easy to set up, while tabular reports do not allow you to group data.

Let’s create a simple Tabular Report in Salesforce. In this example, I am using a scenario like I need to display All the Closed Won Opportunity related to Active Account.

The first you start off by creating a Report Type. A report type defines the set of records and fields available to a report based on the relationships between a primary object and its related objects. Reports display only records that meet the criteria defined in the report type.

Step 1- Create Report Type

To create report type, from setup search for Report Type and click New Custom Report Type Button.  Enter the Required details and Click on the Next button.

Report Type

On next step Choose Account as primary object and Opportunity as a Child object.

Tabular Report

Click on the Save Button. I am done with creating Report Type. Now let’s move ahead to Creating a Report.

Create Report:

To Create a Report, navigate to Report tab and click on the New Report button. Select Record Type called Account with Opportunity under Opportunity folder and click on the Create button.

Tabular Report

Drag the required fields from the left section into the report area.


Add Filter:

To add filters you need to add fields from the left bar into the highlighted area.

Tabular Report

  • Drag the Active field from Account object and set to Yes.
  • Drag Stage field from Opportunity object and set to Closed Won.

Tabular Report

Run the report and final outcome should look like this.

Tabular Report

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