In this tutorial, we are going to learn Anonymous method in C#. Anonymous methods are methods that have the only body without method name. Let’s discuss Anonymous method with the example.

After Completing this tutorial you will be able to understand:

  • What is Anonymous Method in C#
  • How to use Anonymous Method in C#.


As the name sounds Anonymous methods are the methods without a name with the just body. The Anonymous method allows us to pass a block of code as a Delegate parameter. Anonymous methods are methods that have the only body without a name and with optional parameters and return type. Anonymous methods are created using delegate keyword.

Point to remember about Anonymous Methods:

  • Anonymous Method can be defined using Delegate keyword.
  • An Anonymous method can access the variables and functions outside the anonymous method.
  • Variables declared inside the Anonymous methods can’t be accessed outside the Anonymous method.
  • The Anonymous method does not allow the use of goto, break or continue statements.
  • An Anonymous method cannot access ref or out parameter of an outer method.
  • We cannot access unsafe code within the Anonymous method.

The example of Anonymous Method in C#:

Create a Console Application called AnonymousMethodDemo.

Anonymous Method

Open Program.cs file and write the following code.

You can see from the above code that we have declared an Anonymous method like this:

Calculator objAddition = delegate(int iFirstNumber, int iSecondNumber)
Console.WriteLine(“Addition of Two Number {0}”, iFirstNumber + iSecondNumber);

Run the application and look over the output window.

Anonymous Method


I hope you understand this tutorial through out clearly. I would like to have your Feedback, Comments and Suggestions.

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