Hello readers, Here are going to create a Check Constraint in SQL Server to allow only Alphabets in Column.

Check Constraint in SQL Server to  in the column:

Sometimes you face a situation to allow alphabets in columns. This is the real-world scenario.  Here I am going to create a Check Constraint that will prevent any character other than Alphabets.


Create Table:

CREATE TABLE EmployeeDetails
(ID INT, EmployeeName VARCHAR(100),
CONSTRAINT chkEmployeeName CHECK (EmployeeName NOT LIKE '%[^A-Z]%'))

In the above script, i have created a Check Constraint called chkEmployeeName that will check if EmployeeName is not an Alphabet.

Test Check Constraint:

INSERT INTO [dbo].[EmployeeDetails] (ID, EmployeeName)
VALUES (1, 'DebugOnWeb')

If you run the above run the above query it will run without any error, Now run the following query.

INSERT INTO [dbo].[EmployeeDetails] (ID, EmployeeName)
VALUES (1, 'DebugOnWeb 1')

If you run the above following error will be raised.

Allow only Alphabets

So this simple Constraint solve the problem of allowing Alphabets in column

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I hope this Check Constrain of allowing only Alphabets in the column will solve your real-world problems. I would like to have your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Thank You.

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