Hi folks, In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the difference between JavaScript and Jquery. This is also a commonly asked interview query that any developer must know.

Difference between JavaScript and Jquery?

#1- The most basic difference between JavaScript and Jquery is that JavaScript is a Scripting language while Jquery is a library of JavaScript.
The main purpose of jquery is to make it easy to use JavaScript in your Website.

#2-  With JavaScript, you need to develop everything from a programming language perspective like functions, loop, and all its paradigm involve. On the other hand, Jquery simplifies many common tasks like HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development.
#3- JavaScript takes a lot of space and time in coding while Jquery reduces that space and time by shorting the syntaxes. Jquery also improves readability Observe the below syntaxes
Referencing an element based on its id:



#4- Jquery also simplifies the AJAX request as compare to JavScript.

Ajax via jquery:

Ajax in JavaScript:

#5- With JavaScript, We need to write their own code for handling browser compatibility on the other Jquery is supported by all browser.
#6- The plain JavaScript is faster as compared to Jquery for accessing Dom. The performance of your JavaScript code may slow down if you are writing a poor code or make a major mistake while writing complex logic. On the other hand, jQuery has been tested for years to use best and fast JavaScript codes.

In general, the Jquery library uses resources given by JavaScript.

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